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Music Mergers provides a simplified platform for musicians and music professionals to connect.

Mobile app on the way.

Designed by musicians for musicians.

How it works for musicians.

As an artist/producer you can submit your music to industry professionals for musical opportunities.  You will also receive developmental feedback from the professionals you submit your music too.

How it works for music professionals.

Simplify your search for quality talent in one place. When an artist submits music to our verified professional team, they will vet the music and approve or decline the musician for marketplace placement.

How it works for everyone.

The independent music business has seen a 500% increase over the past six years.  The business of music in total brought in $23.1bn in revenue. Our goal is to give musicians the opportunity to take advantage of money earned and to bring more revenue into the music business.

Packages for all budgets.

We understand not every musicians has a high budget to market their music.  We have tiered services that will accommodate for any budget.