Submit Your Music.

Submit Your Music.

It’s about getting you heard, nothing less.  Create relationships that are normally hard to attain.  Each client that we work with is treated as an individual.  Because we know how hard you worked on what you love to do.


Music Mergers was founded by a very optimistic and motivated individual with a keen ability to network ideas into various social groups. Dontrell Lendsey has been involved with the recording industry for many years.  Starting off as a recording artist, he has seen how hard it truly is to get into the bright lights and knows the true meaning of what it is to be a starving artist.  Based on what he once wanted for himself and the network he continues to build up, he put his head to the street and found that getting an artist national exposure would be the way to go; and what better way than to create strong business relationships with the program directors, A&R’s, managers, record labels and music supervisors.

Music Mergers is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Texas that offers national and international media exposure for Independent Recording artists with a primary focus on artist exposure to recording label A&R’s.  The purpose of Music Mergers as a whole is to connect the artist with the general public on a wider more reliable scale than that of the typical “free” music marketing outlets that are particularly saturated and rarely have any solid marketing credibility unless you pay to play.  Being that the majority of new music consumers fit into the 15-19 and 20-24 ages demographic we have seen a trend of up and coming artists looking for exposure on traditional FM radio and Satellite radio airwaves focused directly on these high school and college-age groups.

Although the concept of Music Mergers had started about five years ago the final draft was not put together until 2019 when Dontrell started looking for new artists on the various social media platforms.  What he found was that it really was not easy to find new artists on these platforms.  Music Mergers is designed to simplify the search process for professionals and curators.